Larroque hit Fernández and called to “organize the fight against proscription”

The Minister of Development and Secretary General of La Cámpora, Andrés Larroque, referred to the political reality that the country is experiencing and also called to “organize the fight against the ban” of Cristina Kirchner and promote her candidacy for the presidency under the slogan “Luche y Vuelve, Cristina 2023”. In a dialogue with AM 990, the leader said that the militancy in recent times has suffered “very hard blows,” although he made it clear that it must “respond with force and epic” with the aim of “initiating a plan of struggle.” As for the sentence that the vice president could face for the Highway Cause, he explained that “with proscription there is no democracy. Many people believe that Argentina’s problems will disappear if Cristina no longer participates in politics. But for all those who believe that, I tell you that it will be easier to assume reality, and reality goes through Cristina.” On the other hand, he also spoke about his relationship with President Alberto Fernández and said that their differences come “from the beginning” and “from political, ideological and philosophical conceptions.” And he also pointed out that “there was a configuration problem” in the Frente de Todos government, therefore he added that “when one is part of a government front, one cannot pretend to put one’s ideas without contemplating the other sectors, especially when the other sectors, such as those represented by Cristina, are the majority.”

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