Homeless man dies on public roads

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The deceased showed no signs of violence
Uruapan, Mich.- A man known only by the nickname of “El Soldado” lost his life on the public road of the La Mora neighborhood of the city of Uruapan. The deceased did not show signs of violence, presumes that his death was probably due to a probable overdose.
Some people observed the affected person unconscious on the sidewalk of Tulipán Street, almost corner with Magnolia extension, in front of an elementary school, they approached and seeing that he did not respond they requested help from the emergency service.
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Later, the first response paramedics of ERAV arrived in the area, who checked the aforementioned and confirmed that he no longer had vital signs, so the State Attorney General’s Office was notified.
During the first proceedings, the now deceased was not identified, some neighbors mentioned that they only knew him as “The Soldier” of approximately 55 years of age, who was continuously seen under the influence of alcohol or some drug.
The body was transferred to the facilities of the local Semefo for the practice of the corresponding autopsy in order to determine the causes of death and waiting for his relatives to come to claim it.

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