Retired Carabineros Colonel Accuses “Abandonment by the High Command and Governments” of Police Function

The retired colonel of the Carabineros, Jorge Miranda, referred to the current moment that the police institution is experiencing after the latest deaths of officials and the approval of the Naín-Retamal Law, as well as the entry by the Government of a project that regulates the use of force.
The former uniformed man with experience in operational work in high-risk communes spoke with Mirna Schindler on the program “Al Pan Pan” of El Mostrador Radio, where he indicated that “the security crisis we are experiencing we have been experiencing for a long time, it is not today.”
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He also alleged an abandonment by the governments and the high command of the institution towards the ‘Carabineros de a pie’. “Over the years there has been an abandonment on the part of many sectors to the central function which is the police function and its operational area,” he added. In accordance with the report that Ciper Chile took out on the experiences faced by the Non-Commissioned Officers of the Carabineros, who accused a “bad administration” on the part of the high commands.
“The operational area for years has been left to the duty because the daily work has become invisible,” he said.
Faced with this point, he proposed as a solution a long-term work that transcends the governments of the day, giving as an example the Quadrant Security Plan established by the institution and oiled by the rulers of the day. However, he said that “this requires change because the criminal process is changing, therefore, the same recipe does not work for all diseases.”
Following the same line, the retired colonel said that there is a lack of support in daily police work, mainly in the areas of training and training. “When I talk about support, I talk when there’s an idea that the operational function is the most important thing.”
“It is not a training with international standards”
On the other hand, Miranda added that the current training that police officers have is not of international standards.
“The training and training factor is one of the most we should, we must strengthen ourselves much more. This requires exclusive financing. For a long time we have trained the Carabineros to have better professional tools and be more capable in knowledge, but the physical element is also required. You need police officers physically trained in that function (running, subduing, etc.),” he added.
Faced with these questions, the host of the program Mirna Schindler asked him if an eventual reform of the Carabineros was viable in that case, to which the former official assured that what is needed is a social pact in which it is understood that the police function is the most important thing.
Regulation on the use of force
The Government entered this week a bill that seeks to regulate the Rules of the Use of Force (RUF) in police and public order procedures, this after the approval of the Naín-Retamal Law.
In this regard, Miranda compared the forms of procedure in the return to democracy with the present and how that has implied in the last martyrs of the institution. “The way of approaching the procedures were changing, and what is the result?, more Carabineros involved with society and this generated that preventive security measures that we took before to face dangers were moving away.”
“One of the lines that was crossed was that the criminal began to shoot and confront the Carabinero, before you saw him in the subversive elements and the common criminal started, got rid of the elements and fled, today they stopped doing it,” he said.
The former uniformed believes that these elements were brought by foreign criminals who come with another ‘chip’: “I have nothing to lose.”
Miranda finally insisted on the existence of a social pact in which citizens know the work of Carabineros so that there are no problems at the time of procedures, since in his opinion: “Everything that follows after avoiding a control is negative: use of force, etc.”

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