Candelaria Tinelli opened up in the networks: “I have a relapse in my bulimia”

Candelaria Tinelli turned to the networks to raise awareness about the negative impact that comments have on people’s bodies and haters who vent their frustrations on public figures. From her instagram where she harvests 4.5 million followers, the singer expressed herself once again to clarify that although she is no longer affected by negative comments towards her image, these actions can cause a lot of damage in more vulnerable or less contained people. There he also revealed that thanks to his psychological and psychiatric treatment he can cope with negative messages and clarified that in recent times he is not having a good time. “They tell me my face is swollen and disfigured. Laugh. Mock. Does it bother me? Does it influence me? No. But because I do therapy constantly and I also go to the psychiatrist for many years,” he began. And she continued: “I just want to clarify that I have a relapse in my bulimia, I’m going through a choto moment, that’s why I’m like this,” she clarified while completing: “To me, who suffered this for years, these comments no longer hurt me because I’m used to it. But BE CAREFUL to those who say this kind of thing, because maybe you are going through a mental or physical illness and you ruin your head a little more, “he said.  In closing, he warned: “They can hurt. They can provoke things unintentionally, very ugly. Be impeccable with your words,” he advised. 

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