Woman finds her husband dead in Los Laureles neighborhood

Home Safety Woman finds her husband dead in Los Laureles neighborhood

Zamora, Mich.- Authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office investigate the death of a man, who was found hanged inside his home located in the Los Laureles neighborhood of this municipality of Zamora.
Regarding the unfortunate fact, it was learned that on Thursday morning, in 911, the report was received that there was a man without life in a house on Holland Street, so the place was attended by elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate and soldiers.
Upon arrival, the uniformed found the aforementioned with a rope tied around his neck, so they secured the place. Soon the paramedics of Rescue and Rescue also arrived, but Mr. Pedro V., G., 58 years old, was already without vital signs.
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Sources close to the issue reported that the wife of the now deceased said that when she looked at the stairs she observed her husband suspended with a rope, which was tied to the railing, so she immediately proceeded to lower him and tried to revive him.
Agents and experts of the State Attorney General’s Office took charge of undertaking the corresponding proceedings, likewise took the body to the Forensic Medical Service of the region, for the practice of the necropsy of law.

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