Silvina Luna’s health: they took away her respirator and “she had a good night”

Silvina Luna remains hospitalized in intensive care at the Italian Hospital, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro, due to complications in her health derived from after a cosmetic surgery due to malpractice that Aníbal Lotocki practiced in 2011 and that caused hypercalcemia and kidney failure. GOOD NEWS! Last night while we were doing #LAM extubated #SilvinaLuna the doctors wanted to see how he spent the night, and he is already conscious and talking! It was a good night!”, communicated the driver, Angel de Brito through Twitter, where he also gave more details about the situation that the model is going through. Although no official medical report has yet been published that reports the monitoring of his health – due to reservations about the complication of the clinical picture – the journalist said on Wednesday night that Luna woke up after staying asleep for fifteen days and that “she is still confused by painkillers”, which he highlighted as “a positive sign within a difficult picture” and that in turn “it is encouraging that he recognized perfectly to his brother.” “Of course, he will continue in therapy and with permanent studies,” he said.Ángel de Brito on Silvina Luna’s health | via Twitter. At the beginning of June, Silvina Luna had recorded some videos from the hospital, through her Instagram stories, where she was hopeful and with strength to face a path to fight the microbacteria and towards kidney transplantation. “I came to hospitalize because the results of the biopsy of the microbacteria came out and, finally, it was possible to detect what are the specific remedies that I have to take. There are two, so I’m trying them now, hospitalized, to see if I tolerate them and if everything is okay. For now, everything is perfect, so I’m happy with that,” she said at the time.Ángel de Brito on Silvina Luna’s health | via Twitter. Meanwhile, from Silvina Luna’s close circle they are requesting blood donors to accompany the treatment. The procedural situation of Aníbal LotockiWhile he is summoned by some television programs to give notes for the delicate health situation suffered by Luna, where he dissociates his responsibility, it should be remembered that he was prosecuted for the murder of businessman Rodolfo Cristian Zárate, for an operation he performed in April 2021.

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