Trailer and release date of the film “The Swing of the Schools”

On July 6, the premiere of “El vaivén de las escuelas”, directed by Martín Ferrari, who wrote the script with Carlos Skliar, arrives at the Gaumont. The film will have daily screenings at 8:15 p.m. until July 12. The documentary began to take shape in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with videos and stories from educators from all over the country and even from other neighboring countries. In the middle of this task, Carlos and Martin crossed paths to begin the task of weaving those experiences to find the script of the film; so in 2021 filming began in Yavi, Jujuy; Bariloche, Rio Negro; Villas Las Rosas, Córdoba; San Martín, Buenos Aires Province Gonzalez Catán, province of Buenos Aires.Photo: Courtesy of the pressFilming ended in July 2022, then began the editing process together with Camila Gonzalez Revoredo (EDA), and finished editing the final material in February 2023, with the co-production of UNTREF Media, which provided the post sound and color. Martín Ferrari and Carlos Skliar are educators and researchers interested in rethinking public education. In 2018 Ferrari co-made with Malena Noguer the documentary Education in movement, where they relieve the state of education through a trip through Latin America.This is how Martín Ferrari defines the film: “This documentary is born from two educators who were transiting and systematizing stories from different tools: the blog ‘Conversations between anyone’; videos systematized by ‘Education in motion’;  talks, debates between screens, cell phones and now from the meetings that we are resuming”. “Almost two years later these materials could be lost… But no: these questions, reflections, annotations and videos are a provocation to go back and forth to shelter the questions and attempts, to reflect and think together. What schools are we returning to? What schools do we want? Because there are thousands of children, young people and adults who are not in schools, who perhaps were not there before and perhaps today are but do not find meaning. Perhaps we have time to embrace them and call on ourselves to rethink public schools.”

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