Abel Pintos premiered “Alta en el cielo” with eight emblematic patriotic songs

Abel Pintos released an album entitled “Alta en el cielo” for which he recorded and filmed eight emblematic patriotic songs, mostly with their original scores. They are: the Argentine National Anthem, the Hymn to General San Martín, the Hymn to Sarmiento, the March of San Lorenzo, the March of the Malvinas, Aurora, To my flag and Salute to the flag.For the interpretation of these eight songs and patriotic hymns, the Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón and the direction of Ezequiel Silberstein participated. All the material produced will be hosted on the universal access site www.himnosargentinos.ar from where it can be downloaded from Thursday, July 6 for free, free of any copyright and royalty, by the more than 70,000 educational establishments in the country and by the community in general. It will also be available on all digital platforms from 7pm. Also, as a complement to this material, an audiovisual documentary will be produced in which Abel himself briefly and in a simple and colloquial way narrates historical references of each of these musical pieces as well as the facts or heroes to which they refer. The recordings of these videos were made in the beautiful library of the Legislature of Buenos Aires.They have collaborated with this project different public and private actors among which stand out the Ministries of Education, Culture and Interior of the Nation, the Ministries of Education and Culture of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the University of Buenos Aires, the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Federal Council of Education, the Teatro Colón, the Argentine Society of Authors and Composers (SADAIC), the Sony Music company, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Plan Divino.El present contribution to culture, which will become a historical milestone, aims to highlight the meeting points that the Argentine people have and that make the national feeling without divisions of any kind. And it is precisely for this reason that Abel has received more than a dozen recognitions, distinctions and declarations of interest from different public and private organizations. These versions of the different patriotic pieces will be officially presented live by the artist with a unique concert that will take place on Sunday, July 9, National Independence Day, at the Teatro Colón. There he will sing before thousands of children these emblematic patriotic songs. Also, from Thursday, July 6, through the www.himnosargentinos.ar site you can download all the material for free. It can also be found on all digital platforms and limited editions of CDs and vinyls will be produced for those who wish to obtain this material in physical format to keep it as a collector’s item.

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