Cremaschi on Messi’s Inter Miami debut: “This is how the movie begins”

After the debut and the goal of Lionel Messi in Inter Miami, the Argentine Benjamin Cremaschi, one of his teammates, was responsible for giving details about what was experienced in the locker room after the 2-1 victory over Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup.The 18-year-old is starting his football career and is the son of Argentine parents although he is a native of Miami, he made it clear that he could not even keep the shirt of the Flea: “Everyone asked for it. They even stole his shorts.” In addition, he noted that “I am very happy. I lived a movie. When they took me out, I was no longer a teammate, I was another fan, another fan” and then regretted having left the game: “I wanted to continue playing with him. When I saw the number I said ‘uh, what a pity’, but it was a dream to greet him, crazy. I gave him a kiss and said ‘give him Leo’. It’s all crazy.” And he closed talking about how he lived the goal in the last minute: “Before the free kick I told a teammate: ‘This way everything starts, that’s how the movie begins’. Hopefully it ends in the best way.”When does Lionel Messi play again at Inter Miami? The Leagues Cup does not stop and next Tuesday Inter Miami will receive at the DRV PNK Stadium to Atlanta United of Thiago Almada. There is also a great possibility that, on this occasion, Messi will play from the start.

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