Bullrich, on the field: “It is the engine of the Argentine economy”

The pre-candidate for president for Together for Change (JxC), Patricia Bullrich, reaffirmed the importance of the countryside for the Argentine economy by ensuring that “it was, is and will be the engine,” and described its space within the PRO as “absolutely procampo.” With just over two weeks to go before the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO) elections, the candidates show their position on several key points. In a campaign marked by possible solutions to growing insecurity and worrying inflation, the countryside also has its place on the agenda. In a visit to the 135th Exhibition of the Rural de Palermo, in the city of Buenos Aires, Bullrich made clear his opinion regarding the importance of agricultural production. “We believe that the countryside was, is and will be the engine of the Argentine economy and the well-being of many people who live in towns and cities,” he said. In that sense, the pre-candidate then said that “we need to end the leghold traps, never again a low-ranking official should be able to move withholdings, and we must end the withholdings that are anti-export, and generate all the potential that the field has.” The field is trodden with the dollar trap, with the withholdings, and many of the things that are seen here, in Palermo, it costs a lot to arrive, there are many things in which it is necessary to be able to reinvest the profits instead of giving them to the State, “he said. Finally, Bullrich reaffirmed his position and assured that “we are absolutely pro-field, we are very clear about the level of importance of the sector and how it irrigates its profits on many towns in Argentina.” Last May, Mauricio Macri, PRO leader and former president, called for the elimination of withholdings.” Zero withholdings can be achieved, we already did it once. And what did you do? Increase production, generate more work for all Argentines, “he said at the Maizar 2023 congress.According to a report revealed in February, corn production fell by 8% during the government of Alberto Fernández, while with Macri it was when it had the highest growth of the last two decades with 71%. Likewise, the data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture indicate that with Néstor Kirchner the increase was 45%. However, soybeans, whose production fell by 10% in the management of the PRO, during the Kirchner government had its highest growth with 37%.

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