Hotel Virrey de Mendoza has no new owners nor is it for sale, it is still in legal process: Rafael Alzate

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Virrey de Mendoza hotel was not, it is not for sale, as the labor process continues in the Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, informed the leader of the Union of Workers in the Tourism Industry, Clinic, Services, Sports Centers and Gastronomic Establishments in the State of the Revolutionary Workers Confederation (COR) Michoacán, Rafael Alzate Núñez.
The above, before journalistic notes in which the Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Thelma Aquique announces the opening of the hotel.
“I do not know this official, nor do I know what her source of information is, but the Virrey de Mendoza hotel never was, nor is it for sale and of course it has no new owners, nor opening plan, until the completion of the legal labor process that is in force so we thank both this official and others to refrain from comments without knowing the underlying issue, ” emphasized the leader of the COR Michoacán.
In an interview, he explained that a couple of weeks ago the strike count was carried out in the Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, where, he said, the workers recognized by the labor authority did not accept the imposition of the CTM and voted, adding that they did not know Juan Carlos Velasco, nor the strike movement that he led in a “deceptive way.”

In this sense, he reported that the agreement of said count will come out in about a month, so no authority should pronounce on the situation of the property, which he reiterated, “is not for sale and has no new owners.”
He pointed out that the process is still awaited for the labor authority to declare the strike non-existent and illegal and then the COR will already take legal measures regarding the hotel as now holders of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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