The entire women’s football team of the Argentine Club of Rosario resigned: “We are not valued as athletes”

The entire squad of the women’s football team of the Argentine Club of Rosario presented its resignation through a statement where the athletes exposed the difficult situations they had to live in recent years: from discrimination to negligence on the part of the leadership of the association. The mass resignation and statement come at a critical time for women’s football, not only locally but also globally. The early elimination of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup generated a wave of questions about the management and development of this sport in the country. In the statement released by the players, the hardships experienced by the women’s team in recent times are detailed. From poor training conditions to a lack of logistical support and resources, the players made it clear that they faced significant challenges that affected their performance and professional development. In addition, they openly denounced the systematic discrimination they experienced compared to their male counterparts at the club. The situation highlights the depth of gender disparities that still exist in sport. While men’s football enjoys greater investment, visibility and resources, women’s football struggles to find its place in an environment that often minimizes its achievements and needs. The resignation of Argentino de Rosario’s full squad is a wake-up call for sports leadership and authorities, urging them to take concrete steps to address these systemic inequalities.

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