Farewell to Silvina Luna: when and how it will be

After several days of delay due to the development of the autopsy on the body of Silvina Luna, which was finally carried out in the judicial morgue on Monday, the ceremony of the last goodbye will take place on Wednesday. As it transpired the desire of the actress was to rest in the pantheon of actors that is in the cemetery of the Chacarita, for this reason is that tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6, relatives, friends and family will be able to attend the ceremony that will take place at 12:30 AM in the sector that the Argentine Association of Actors has reserved to accommodate its artists.  Also today, only a small group of people will participate in the wake ceremony at a funeral home in the neighborhood of Nuñez and tomorrow from the municipal cemetery will be able to attend all those who wish to say goodbye to the actress and model who died on August 31, after being hospitalized for 79 days in critical condition, as a result of the malpractice of Aníbal Lotocki. Recall that in 2022 Lotocki was sentenced to four years in prison for “repeated serious injuries on four occasions”, according to a statement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) and five years of disqualification from practicing medicine. Now after the death of Silvina Luna and Mariano Caprarola, both operated on in 2010 for buttock surgery, Fernando Burlando seeks to impute both deaths to Lotocki and initiate a new case against the doctor. That is why Silvina’s body was subjected to an autopsy from which the lawyer advanced the first results: “It was possible to extract material that had been opportunely injected we suppose by Lotocki”, reported the legal representative now also of Ezequiel Luna -Silvina’s brother-, who joined the case as a plaintiff. “We request that all parties be notified of this diligence, which is something that had not happened. Now we will have to wait for the results and this will take a few days.” anticipated Burlando in a live mobile with Intrusos.Te may be interested: “They call for a peaceful march to demand justice for Silvina Luna: When and where will it be?” In addition, tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. the victims of the questioned surgeon called for a peaceful march in front of the doctor’s house to demand justice for Silvina. 

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