Schiaretti replied to Bullrich: “It signals an anti-democratic attitude.”

The candidate for president of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, responded to the statements of the candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich, and described it as “undemocratic.” When relaunching his campaign in La Rural, Schiaretti mentioned: “Patricia Bullrich’s statements were nonsense. They were nonsense, in the first place, because the Argentines, with their vote less than a month ago, of 22 pre-candidates for president decided who we are the five candidates for president.” And then he added: “He arrogated over the will of the Argentines, the power to suggest who can be a candidate for president, or not. And that is nonsense and also points to an anti-democratic attitude.” In that sense, during a press conference, the governor of Córdoba distanced himself from Kirchnerism and Together for Change: “We are the only formula that does not participate in the crack. We are not a member of the two formulas that were left aside by Argentine society, for being the ones that established the rift, for being the ones who raised with their actions this end of cycle and to which the Argentine people turned their backs with their vote choosing another alternative that was Javier Milei, “he said. The candidate for president of We do for our country, Juan Schiaretti, relaunched his campaign today in La Rural.Patricia Bullrich’s statements “It would not be bad for Schiaretti to get off,” Bullrich said Tuesday when speaking with radio Pulxo de Córdoba in the framework of a visit to that province, and explained that “with all respect to the governor and the voter, People have to choose strategically.” In addition, Bullrich wondered: “Who is going to best represent the interests of Córdoba?”, and assured that “of the three that we are in competition, Patricia Bullrich is the one who will defend the countryside and the Cordovan industry, she will help so that the people of Cordoba have more security”.

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