Facu Mazzei’s disclaimer against Marcelo Tinelli: “I find out you said you don’t know who I am”

Tuesday’s gala of Bailando 2023 had as a debutant in this season the two-time champion, Flor Vigna who returned to the track to compete again after having taken the title twice, once with Pedro Alfonso and another with Facu Mazzei. There Vigna took the opportunity to send a warm greeting to his partner and tell that, like her, he is dedicating himself to music, a comment that caught the attention of Tinelli who took the opportunity to play on the subject and ensure that he never heard anyone talk about Facu’s music.“I don’t know anyone who has told me about Facu Mazzei’s musical career, with all due respect, no truck passed on the street saying ‘che listá los temas de Facu Mazzei'”, Tinelli said of Mazzei with a laugh.  Faced with these comments, the artist was hurt by Tinelli’s statements and said: “You left me mute. Here mariconenando, watching the end of Queen Charlotte, I find out that you said you do not know who I am. It’s been 15 years since I’ve broken my back laburando in your program, how strange you are by heart, it will be the tincture … And the love nod in the show is a fixed one, you see?” he said. “I also wanted to tell you that hopefully people will sing my songs in the streets and that there is a truck with my face, as you said, but it costs a lot to self-manage and try to generate laburo doing what I love since I was born, you should save yourself those unfortunate comments about the work of the other, having a daughter who also produces music and gets into that, ” Followed. Then he mentioned Flor Vigna to whom he thanked the mention and the defense: “Thank you friend (for Flor Vigna) for that defense and the greeting, you are so special … Another fact that I leave you (Marcelo), I am the one who took out his shoulder in the last Bailando where there was no one to put the bone in place at the time, faithful soldier of your program, “he closed. However, hours after the discharge, Facu received the invitation to present his music tonight on the program and meet again with Marcelo Tinelli. With a symbolic photo where Facu covers his face claiming shame, he expressed from his networks: “Someone invited me tonight to his program to know my music,” he wrote while asking his followers to accompany him watching him from their homes. 

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