Julieta Prandi took aim at Nicole Neumann revived the rivalry between the models

A few days ago the conflict between the models resurfaced when Julieta Prandi turned to the networks to clarify that she had nothing to do with the nickname that in the 90’s they gave to Pampita and pointed to the person responsible for the fact. “It is strikingly hair-pulling that after so long (and out of nowhere) certain media try to point me into this absurdity that I had and have nothing to do with. It was not and never will be in my nature to hang ‘nicknames’ on anyone, much less if it is with bad intentions. she remarked indignantly. He continued: “Those who are interested can seek an interview with Carolina herself where face to face we clarify this matter. She knows very well that this absurd nickname has another authorship. What’s more, after that talk, he had the pleasure of interviewing her…” concluded enigmatically. Also from Show Partners they went to get Prandi’s word and went over the vintage fight between the models. “I responded to a flood of notifications coming to me and I didn’t know where they were coming from. I already took the trouble and time to sit down with Caro to explain how it was and who said the nickname. In fact, Caro sat down with the author of this sentence and will have told her what he needed to tell her.”, the model commented. It was there that he took aim at Nicole Neumann and maintained: “I have nothing to hide, I take care of what I say, not what others do. At first when they asked me I did not want to send her to the front because it did not correspond to me, but when they blame you for something you did not do and you are being punished, there comes a time when you say ‘take charge, we are already big’” he added. While he again referred to Nicole and pointed to her as responsible for wanting to frame her on the subject: “When this person (Nicole) was asked at some point, he tried to blame me, and then I said ‘see you here’. They’re not going to blame me for something she did. When you’re wanting to dirty me to save you I say ‘not my love, the right things.'” she warned angrily. 

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