Macri pointed out the main risk posed by Milei and sent a message to JxC lawmakers

Mauricio Macri again backed Patricia Bullrich and trusted that Together for Change will win the next presidential elections. But he did not rule out a scenario in which the winner is the candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei. “I hope that in that case, our coalition will support any reasonable reform decision in Congress,” the former president said. “That’s the place we would help. The great challenge we all have together is to get populism out of the country. I always believed in liberal ideas, I tried to carry them out in my government,” the opposition leader continued during a conference at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, in the United States. During the last weeks, the crosses between Macri and the radicalism were revived, by the criticism of the founder of the PRO to the legislators who contributed to the quorum in the session of Deputies in which half sanction was given to the reform of the Income Tax. For example, they asked him if the current national deputy represents a risk to democracy, as some of his detractors warn. “I think we have a strong democracy. We survived many attempts by Kirchnerism and here we are, many people bet that we would transform ourselves into Venezuela and it did not happen. No one can put that at risk,” he said. He pointed to the lack of political structure as Milei’s main flaw. “It’s isolated, it has no governors. You can’t lead like that. The biggest risk Milei poses is that he is alone,” he said. And he recalled the political scenario in which he governed between 2015 and 2019 to reinforce his vision: “I felt isolated and had four governors. He has none. It’s not possible to lead such a big change.” During his time in the United States, Macri also presented his book “For What”, at the Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus in Miami. And there he spoke about the scandal involving the former Buenos Aires cabinet chief, Martin Insaurralde. “It is grotesque impunity and we have to eliminate it in Argentina,” the former president said. It can’t be that guys like [Hugo] Moyano they put a truck on you and block the entrance of a factory. You also have gentlemen like [Martín] Insaurralde that they have the luxury of showing the one they took by flaunting openly, “he added.

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