Two Argentines Killed in Hamas’s Fierce Attack on Israel

The Hamas attack on Israeli territory left more than 400 dead, including two Argentines. They are Rodolfo Fabián Skariszewski and Abi Korin, who were found hours after the terrible events. Rodolfo Fabian Skariszewski was 56 years old, belonged to the Hekhalutz Lamerjav Zionist Youth Movement and lived in the Moshav Ovad settlement, located 15 kilometers from the Gaza border. His death was already announced by the Argentine embassy in Israel through a statement published on social networks. In this way, once the news was known, his son, Yhonatan Skariszsewski, dismissed him on social networks: “There are things that are inexplicable, who could imagine that this was the last drink we had together. We will forever be together, rest dear father.” On the other hand, Abi Korin was the second Argentine killed in the tragedy and, according to Clarín, lived in Kibbutz Holit, was in charge of security and, as an aspect to highlight, was also the son of Sara and Moishe Korin, former director of culture of the AMIA and reference of the Jewish community in Argentina. He was the eldest of three brothers and father of three children, a fan of Boca and used his social networks as a way to demonstrate his love for photography.

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