“Hypnosis: Invisible Weapon”: Ben Affleck’s Action Thriller Coming to Theaters

Ben Affleck plays a father desperate to find his daughter in “Hypnosis: Invisible Weapon”, his new film that arrives this coming Thursday, November 3 in Argentine cinemas, where he returns after his time in “The Flash”, the film by Andy and Bárbara Muschietti.You may also be interested in: Bárbara Muschietti: “What I would really love is to make an original musical”In “Hypnosis: Affleck plays Detective Danny Rourke, who, shocked by the disappearance of his daughter, tries to focus on work by chasing a series of bank robberies, which will make him run into the man (played by William Fichtner), who he is convinced has the key to finding his little girl. It is an action thriller, directed by Robert Rodriguez (director of “Mini Spies”), who began working on his project in 2002, and it took twenty years to be able to materialize it. At the same time, the story is inspired by and pays homage to the classic “Vertigo” (1958) by the master of Hollywood thriller cinema, Alfred Hitchcock. From this point, the filmmaker set out for his film to take elements from the Hitchcockian universe but “on steroids, because I wanted it to have relentless twists and turns,” as he says. Hypnosis: Invisible Weapon”: Ben Affleck’s action thriller coming to theaters”Within ten minutes of thinking about the title, I came up with the basis of the story: a villain who could take anything he wanted from you, walk away, and you wouldn’t even know you’d met him,” he says. The cast is completed by a cast of figures that make up Fichtner (whose scene on the bank dates back to his time in “Batman: The Dark Knight”, and among his best-known productions is “Prison Break”), JD Pardo (“Twilight: Dawn” parts 1 and 2), Dayo Okeniyi (“Hero of Freedom”), Jeff Fahey (“Psycho III”).” “Hypnosis: Invisible Weapon” is produced by Robert Rodriguez, Racer Rodriguez, Jeff Robinov, Mark Gill, Guy Botham, Lisa Ellzey, John Graham and distributed by Diamond Films.

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