Old Parties Polarize and Are in a Battle with No Future: Michoacán First Leader

Morelia, Michoacán.. – “Parties like Michoacán Primero were born to give a voice to those who do not feel represented by this battle without a future in which there can be no winners, this battle in which the only thing we have obtained are ashes,” said Antonio Plaza Urbina, State President of this new political force in our state.
The expression took place during the installation of the Local Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in Michoacán, where the old national parties dedicated their time to disqualifying each other. It is this violence and polarization that leads the good citizen to not feel represented and even to distance themselves from democratic participation, the Leader stressed.
“We are concerned about an electoral process in which the polarization and violence of the political discourse can continue to grow and alienate the good citizen, that citizen who wants to find in politics and governments the solutions and answers to their everyday problems.”
In contrast, he stressed that Michoacán Primero was born in this context to be an alternative with a very different vocation: to put the citizen first, to rebuild public life and to lead a debate that leads to the creation of the solutions that Michoacans and Michoacans need so much.
“For us at Michoacán Primero, a local political party that emerged just this year, it is a cause for celebration to be here at this table. The fact that there is recognition by the National Electoral Institute to integrate local political parties into this council, we appreciate it and recognize it as a very important democratic advance.”
Plaza Urbina delved into the fact that the polarization and closed-mindedness carried out by the old national parties leaves citizens aside, since there is not even the possibility of holding a dialogue aimed at solving the problems of the people.
“Not all of us feel represented by the national political parties that today are in a polarized contest and, in many respects, destructive of public life, which has impoverished the political debate and prevents many political solutions from being built on the basis of consensus and good will,” he concluded.

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