Diego Ramos took aim at PH, Andy Kusnetzoff’s cycle

The show hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, which began a new season a few weeks ago, has already had some detractors who feel that the show exposes its guests too much. So far at the start, we have already seen a strong crossover with Andrea Rincón and Belén Francese, the anger of L-Gante and an unfortunate question to Pampita and Luciano Pereyra that expose the driver’s method. Now, Diego Ramos told how his experience was when he was invited and repudiated the question that Luli Fernández asked Luciano Pereyra who wanted to know if the romance with Alejandro Fantino was true. “What happened to Luciano Pereyra with Luisa Albinoni happened to me,” he recalled while talking with Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli. “Some time later, Luisa said that she had been coached, as if she had been taken to that place,” added the “Mañanísima” panelist. And he continued: “Those talks, those questions can come naturally in a conversation, sometimes it happens because of a generational lag, but you see a lot when it’s so forced.” And, pointing out in the case of the singer, he explained that “neither Luciano, nor Fantino have mentioned that, or at least they have done it over and laughing their asses off, but they did not want to talk and never spoke, if that is given like that for a reason it is,” he analyzed. At the same time, he pointed to the production: “The truth is that, between guests, forcing that situation to throw a guest like a piece of meat to the lions, I find it striking,” he said. Understanding that I’m a listener of Andy, who doesn’t have any problem with sexual diversity, I don’t understand why the issue goes that way,” he added. Finally, he stressed that “when someone doesn’t talk about certain things on their own, it’s because they don’t want to talk.” “Be careful, it’s not useful to get angry because I think it’s the wrong message, but it does say that you don’t do it, you don’t do it,” he concluded. Let’s remember that some time ago the actor also had an awkward moment when Luisa Albinoni forced him to tell about their relationship. 

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