Yanina Latorre responded to Dady Brieva after his expression for Javier Millei’s triumph

The result of the presidential elections on November 19, which gave Javier Milei as the winning candidate, aroused great indignation in some sectors of the entertainment industry, and an example of this was the statements of Dady Brieva who assured that with this result “we are close to losing everything”. “We’ve never been so close to losing everything. And that’s the way it is. This is not an exaggeration. I’d like everyone to see them that way. Because then I remember in ’83 that a lot of people told me they didn’t know what they were doing. So I don’t want them to come and tell me that. It is one thing to be naïve, another to be ignorant, and another to be perverse.” said the actor after the defeat of the candidate of “United for the Fatherland”, Sergio Massa. Faced with these statements, Yanina Latorre came out, very harshly, to respond to him from her radio program “El Observador” and expressed her indignation at the statements: “Continuing with the celebrities and the elections… This ball… Dady Brieva, in dialogue with Cynthia García and Víctor Hugo Morales, said: ‘it is the first time in 40 years that democracy is in danger’. Love, we haven’t had democracy for a long time, we’re managed by La Cámpora and Cristina and nothing here,” he began. And he repeated Brieva’s statements: “‘It’s not a euphemism, democracy is really in danger, we’ve never been closer to losing everything.’ What are you talking about? You’re close to losing everything because no one is going to hire you anymore and you’re not going to earn the fortunes you earned on Kirchnerist radios and channels. You’re going to lose everything. You, Mengolini, the pauteros, those who live off the government, on our taxes,” he continued. With the effusiveness that characterizes her, Latorre said: “What are you going to lose? We are going to recover our taxes that hopefully will be spent on health, education, and public spending and not on paying salaries to Mengolini’s fart, by the way, the K’s are all millionaires, you are Brancatelli and you travel 50 times a year. I do not know. I travel a lot, but my husband, who is a football player, gives me the salary I have as a panelist, and look, I’m doing much better than you, I can’t do everything you do.” She added angrily.  “I have found out about the astronomical salaries that you receive, you are about to lose everything, that’s why you want to die. Argentines have already lost everything, 140 percent inflation, 50 percent of the poor, he gave away our money so that they would vote for him and they didn’t vote for him, what are we talking about,” he remarked. In closing, he said: “It tripled the dollar in a second, a disaster, it put us in worse debt. What are you talking about, Dady Brieva? What are we going to lose, what we don’t have? or you’re going to lose the salaries and the state’s guideline,” he concluded. 

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