Dady Brieva became a trend after Colón’s descent: “I can’t imagine Colón in the B or a Milei government”

Undoubtedly, this 2024 will not be the best year for Dady Brieva, or at least that’s how he expressed it in his own words, when as a result of the result of the date of the Primera Nacional, he gave Colón de Santa Fe as the loser, who was relegated to the “B” after having lost against Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata by 1-0 in the playoff match where the category was played.  After the match, Lobo fans resurfaced an old video of the artist where he optimistically assures that he does not imagine either Colón in the B, nor a Milei government. Faced with these two ill-advised forecasts, the networks did not hesitate to do the same and flooded the web with memes. “The truth is, I’m very optimistic, I can’t imagine either Colón in the B or a Milei government,” Dady said in the video that resurfaced after the defeat of the Santa Fe team and the victory of the leader of La Libertad Avanza who became the country’s president-elect, after the results of the runoff on November 19.  Dady’s statements were made in the context of presidential elections at the beginning of November, where the results of the 2023 runoff were not published, and the artist was in dialogue with “El Destape Radio”. With irony, creativity, and some spicier than others, Internet users laughed at the perspective of the actor, who did not venture that this would be a year full of personal disappointments and turned to the networks to talk about the subject with the classic memes.  Likewise, the popular band Los Palmeras, sabaleros by nature, were also trending, after the defeat of Colón. 

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