Yellow alert for storms in 12 provinces and orange alert for heat for Formosa, Chaco and Salta

The National Weather Service issued yellow alerts for storms and occasional hail for areas of twelve provinces and orange alerts for extreme heat for much of Formosa, a portion of Chaco and eastern Salta.De according to the meteorological agency’s report, strong storms are expected for northern San Luis. central and northern Córdoba, southern La Rioja, eastern San Juan, and northern Santiago del Estero.It was also reported that an alert is in effect for the entire province of Chaco, Tucumán and Jujuy, northwest of Corrientes, east and center of Formosa, north, center and south of Salta, and east of Catamarca. some locally strong, which may be accompanied by occasional hail, intense gusts, strong electrical activity, and abundant rainfall in short periods. In the coastal area, the central zone and the northern zone, accumulated precipitation values are estimated between 30 and 70 millimeters, while in the northwest and in Cuyo between 20 and 40 millimeters, which may be exceeded in a timely manner. For the inhabitants of these localities, the SMN recommends avoiding outdoor activities, not taking out the trash and removing objects that prevent water from draining, not taking shelter near trees and electricity poles that may fall, and not staying on beaches, rivers, lagoons or pools to minimize the risk of being struck by lightning. Alerts for extreme temperaturesMeanwhile, the meteorological agency issued orange alerts for extreme temperatures for Bermejo, Matacos, Ramón Lista, Patiño, in the province of Formosa; the northwest of Almirante Brown and General Güemes, in Chaco; and the department of Rivadavia, in Salta.The orange level implies that heat can have “moderate to high effect on health” and that temperatures can “be very dangerous, especially for at-risk groups.”

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