Barrios de Pie called for a march in the week of the signing of the May Pact

After Javier Milei’s announcement of the proposal to sign the May Pact in Cordoba, the social organization Barrios de Pie called for a mobilization against hunger during the same week. With the aim of sanctioning a new food emergency law, the organization called for a mobilization of one million signatures one day after Milei’s announcement in front of deputies, who will seek in Cordoba to get support for different points of the Omnibus Law. so they will try to get the ruling party to reconsider the points of its current administration.” That is why Barrios de Pie will summon all social organizations to the march in Cordoba, where President Milei plans to set up the meeting with governors from all over the country to discuss the so-called May Pact,” they explained in the press release. Along these lines, Norma Morales, assistant secretary of the Union of Workers and Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP) and a leader of the social organization, explained that “all the canteens in the country are going to concentrate in Córdoba so that it is understood that the problem is hunger.” With the focus on Argentina’s economic debacle, Morales added: “We are going to propose to Milei that the main point of the pact with the governors should be to end malnutrition and hunger among our people.” Likewise, the general coordinator of Barrios de Pie, Daniel Menéndez, said that “we are struck by the absolute absence of the president’s social agenda in yesterday’s speech.” Especially, after this same president has carried out a brutal devaluation and a tremendous adjustment, a situation that has a full impact on the conditions that our people live and that make it imperative to address this problem,” he concluded.

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