Businessmen came out to support Milei’s speech to Congress

The Chamber of Commerce and agribusiness companies came out to give their support to President Javier Milei’s speech to Congress.In the case of trade and services companies, they advocated for “deepening deregulation, macroeconomic ordering, austerity and the fight against corruption; and welcomes the call for a national agreement on state policies.” For their part, the oil companies of CIARA and the cereal companies of CEC considered that the speech was “forceful, clear and precise on the path to be traveled to get out of this deep economic and social crisis.” We encourage the governors to join the May Pact, which should lay the foundations for the sustainable development that our country needs with value-added foreign trade that is the key to growth,” they said. Meanwhile, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC) expressed its “support for the message delivered by the President of the Nation.” President Milei’s diagnosis and course of action are a step in the right direction. From our entity we firmly support the process of deregulation that is being carried out by the National Government, as well as the forceful fiscal and monetary order, the austerity in the management of public funds and the fight against entrenched corruption in various areas,” said Natalio Mario Grinman, president of the CAC, shortly after the president’s message concluded. The entity had already opportunely expressed itself in favor of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency 70/23 – “Bases for the Reconstruction of the Argentine Economy”; as well as the bill “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines”. Grinman also said: “It is key that our country consolidates the process of macroeconomic reorganization underway, as well as that progress is made with fundamental changes that remove obstacles and allow the enormous potential that remains latent to be developed, for the benefit of all Argentines.” It is very auspicious that President Milei has called for the search for an agreement between the different political sectors on State policies. Our country is exhausted from the confrontation we have been experiencing for too many years; It is urgent to overcome personal differences and bitterness and put the national interest before individual pettiness,” he added. At the same time, the head of the CAC said: “I am convinced that the true engine of progress in any country is a thriving private sector, capable of undertaking, innovating and generating quality employment. Argentine and world history has shown that the alternative path, consisting of an oversized and omnipresent state, ends up leading nations to stagnation and backwardness.” For almost 100 years, the CAC has been promoting the principles of private initiative and economic freedom, and we celebrate the fact that Argentina is moving in that direction,” he concluded. Along these lines, the CAC reiterates its full willingness to collaborate with national authorities in whatever is within its reach, particularly with regard to the design and implementation of public policies with direct interference in the sector represented.

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