Demonstrators Jump Turnstiles in Protest of Fare Hike

Different leftist groups carried out a “turnstile” this Friday in train and subway stations of the City to protest against the increases in public transport fares that have already been applied and also against those that are scheduled. The protest began around 5:30 p.m., when the participants began to jump the turnstiles to pass without paying and move to Congress in the framework of a march that they called to demonstrate there against President Javier Milei, who will be giving his speech at the opening of ordinary sessions. The protest was carried out in a coordinated manner at the stations of Once, Constitución, Retiro and other points, with the participation of some leftist leaders such as Deputy Nicolás del Caño and Vanina Biasi, who in last year’s elections was a candidate for head of government of Buenos Aires for the Workers’ Party-Left Front. and it is that with this 500% rate, we will not be able to go to study or go to work, because the minimum wage is at 180 thousand pesos now in March, and 200 thousand pesos only in the month of April,” said Tatiana Fernández Martí, student counselor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and organizer of the turnstile. They don’t hold up to pockets. We are not the caste. The caste does not travel by train or bus, nor by subway, it is done by workers and students,” added the 22-year-old. You may also be interested in: “They denounced the student leader who called to jump turnstiles”Fernández Martí was criminally denounced after calling for this protest, since the State Railway Operating Company Company accused her of several infractions, including instigation to crime, apology for crime, illicit association and attack against public order.

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