Russian shelling in eastern Ukraine leaves 11 people injured and buildings damaged

The city of Mirnograd, located in eastern Ukraine and about 40 km from the front line, was rocked by an overnight shelling by Russian forces, leaving at least 11 people injured and a large number of residential buildings severely damaged. According to reports from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Donetsk region, the shelling, which occurred at around 03:00 on Sunday, targeted a residential neighborhood, resulting in the wounding of a 16-year-old boy and ten other people, including women and men of various ages. Although initially speculated about the use of S-300 missiles, later research suggests that three UMPB D-30SN glide aerial bombs were employed in the bombing, posing new challenges to air defense operations in the region. This was not the only act of aggression recorded in the area. Russia also launched a series of Iranian-made Shahed drones, aimed at several regions, including the capital, Kyiv. Despite these attacks, the Ukrainian air force reported shooting down 35 of these drones in 10 different regions, representing partial success in defending against foreign aggression. On the other hand, the Russian authorities announced advances in several sectors of the front, including Kupiansk, Donetsk and Avdivka. The seizure of the Ukrainian stronghold of Avdivka marks a shift in the landscape of the conflict, especially at a time when Western assistance to Ukraine has dwindled, leaving the country in a more vulnerable position in the face of Russian aggression.

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