Adorni, on the university march: “It’s stimulated by politics”

The presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorni, said on Monday that the university march called for this Tuesday, April 23, because of the budget cut “is encouraged by politics.” “We are not going to allow these types of places to be used by the politicians of the day,” he warned. At a press conference at Casa Rosada, the official listed the problems that, under his watch, the public university faces: “We understand that it operates with severe problems: the faculties are in poor building conditions, many of them; teachers are not paid for their work; There are enrolments with content that has not been updated for 30 years and the indices of educational completion have been plummeting.” “Six out of ten drop out in the first year, only three out of ten finish their degree and of the vulnerable sectors, there are few who manage to access university education,” he added. Against this backdrop, he questioned the claim raised by the authorities of the sector: “We continue to wonder why they raise their voices now and not last year, when inflation was 211% and they suffered such a real adjustment in their items.” Last week, the government announced that it had reached an agreement with universities for a 140% increase in the budget (70% in March and 70% in May) and an allocation of more than 14,000 million pesos for university hospitals. However, the houses of study denied it and ratified this Tuesday’s mobilization.” This government values public, secular and federal education and the truth is that public education was what made us at some point an educational beacon in America and we are far from wanting to allow this type of place to be used by the politicians of the day for their own benefit, we are not going to allow that,” said the spokesperson of the libertarian administration.

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