Mamón Indie Festival Vol 3 at Auditorio Oeste: rock by day & techno by night

Next Saturday, May 11th, you have an appointment at the West Auditorium of Haedo: the third edition of the Indie Mamón festival will take place.Produced by the band Picnic Al Lado Del Camino in conjunction with Dancing Company®, it will be 12 hours that will begin with groups performing all variants of rock while in the late night, From 1:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., techno will play. Below is the line up:LINE UP ROCK BANDS
Mora and the Metegols
End of the World
Isla Mujeres
Parkour In The Geriatric
The First Species
John and Yours
Vicente Colombo
Roadside PicnicLINE UP DJs
KEVIN CÁCERESEThe Vol III of the festival arrives once again from the hand of the group Picnic al Lado del Camino, which already hosted the previous two. In this way, they seek to become more than just a band: that “Picnic” is, for the community, that place of meeting and comfort between local bands and their fans. They will release their second studio album on April 29, 2024 and will make their official presentation at the festival. For its part, Indie Mamón seeks to position itself as a bridge between these rock and techno, and in this way promote the crossover between these two audiences, giving them a fresh and innovative proposal where they can have the best of both worlds. That said, the bands selected to headline the festival are projects that are currently having a massive reach, such as Fin del Mundo, Mora Y Los Metegols and Isla Mujeres, which generate inspiration for other bands that are taking their first steps and that some have the possibility, in this case, of sharing a line-up and stage. As well as the bands below are the most accurate selection of Western Underground bands that are at the top of this part of the scene.Tickets for the Indie Mamón Vol. III festival can be purchased via or by clicking here.

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