Noboa Achieves Victory in Consultation on the Army’s Participation in the Fight Against Organized Crime in Ecuador –

Mexico. – Ecuadorian citizens came out to demonstrate this Sunday, April 21, through the vote, where they broadly supported President Daniel Noboa in his proposal to strengthen the fight against organized crime. Likewise, the response to economic reforms to create jobs by legalizing hourly contracts and attracting investment by accepting international arbitration in any jurisdiction was not positive. According to the official conclusions of the quick count of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in nine questions the yes won and in two the no prevailed, the two questions that were rejected are not related to insecurity, which is the main concern of Ecuadorians.  The first was on international arbitration to settle investment, contractual and commercial disputes, while the second questioned voters on the hiring of hourly work, 72 percent of those registered, said “No” to these consultations. On the other hand, the question about the participation of the Armed Forces in the fight against crime was answered affirmatively by 72 percent of voters and the question referring to the extradition of Ecuadorians was supported by 66 percent. 

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