Anthrax returns to Buenos Aires: the route of the Big Four of Thrash Metal

By Cristian H. PalombaAnthrax arrives at the Flores Theater in Buenos Aires celebrating forty years on stage, just days after the bombshell that was Megadeth’s concerts. Tremendous show! The date is April 25, 2024 at Av. Rivadavia 7806, C.A.B.A, and we can bet that it is going to rot because we saw the latest shows on YouTube and they have been sounding heavy. They also bring a golden line-up, with their historic leaders Scott Ian on guitar and Charlie Benante on drums, as well as Joe Belladonna on vocals and Frank Bello on bass. These members were protagonists of the classic era of the 80s. Recently, guitarist Jon Donais, who was previously part of Shadows Fall, joined the band.Anthrax has left an indelible mark on the world of heavy metal, standing out for its innovative fusion of rhythms and its unique approach to the thrash metal genre. Since its inception in the 1980s, the band has been renowned for its impeccable musical technique, combining fast-paced, aggressive riffs with provocative, politically charged lyrics. Scott Ian’s leadership on guitar has been instrumental in defining Anthrax’s distinctive sound. With his frenetic style and intricate riffs, Ian has been an iconic figure in thrash metal, influencing generations of guitarists with his innovative approach and technical prowess. Their ability to create complex and powerful melodies has elevated Anthrax’s status as one of the most respected bands in the metal scene. Anthrax stands out for its commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity. Unlike some contemporary bands that sought commercial popularity, the NY-based band has always prioritized staying true to their essence and thrash metal roots. Their committed approach to creating honest and heartfelt music has earned the respect and admiration of fans around the world, making them an enduring force in the genre. They are the architects of a unique and revolutionary sound that has defied convention and redefined the boundaries of the genre. With their progressive approach and uncompromising attitude, they continue to be an innovative force in the metal scene, inspiring musicians and fans alike with their passion and commitment to artistic excellence. A night that promises pogo, mosh and a few surprises. By Cristian H. Palomba

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