transl: The minimum wage increase: how to impact on retirees?

the Ministry of labour this afternoon an increase of 25% for the minimum wage, once the authorities of the CGT and the two CTA does not reach an agreement with representatives of the business sector within the framework of the meeting of the Council of the Salari or minimum, Vital and mobile.

The rise that will take the minimum wage from the current 10,000 to 12,500 pesos will be paid in the following manner: 7% in September;  6 percent in December; 6% in March of next year and 6% in June, reported the labor portfolio in a statement.

how impacts this situation in retirees? More than 1 million will receive an increase of 8.37%, rather than the 6.68 percent that had to get as established by the Ministry of Social Security. 

The change, which will be recorded between September and November and will involve the passage of $8096 to $8774, generated as a result of the application of the law 27.260, which implies that no retiree can earn less than 82% minimum, vital and mobile wage.

However, will not be levied for all: will only receive it those who accumulated 30 years of contributions and charge the minimum, i.e. not having agreed to the pension provision through the moratorium on contributions.

Retired minimum wage increases

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