translated from Spanish: Sinaloa, a fertile ground for investment: Quirino

Culiacan.-at the opening of the Plaza Sendero Culiacan, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel thanked the confidence of national entrepreneurs to invest in Sinaloa, as nearly 1 billion were applied in dollars in the construction of this shopping complex, which will generate 3,000 direct jobs and other 3 thousand 500 indirect. Read also: City Council acquired multi-million-dollar debt before salirCabe highlight that it only remained Culiacan, as Grupo Acosta Verde already built Plazas path in Los Mochis and Mazatlan, announced Meanwhile its general director, Entrepreneur of Monterrey, Jesus Acosta Castellanos.

Opening of Plaza Sendero in Culiacan. Photo: Debate

also read: this news if going to like your message to the fans of Los Tomateros de Culiacanen, Governor Quirino Ordaz recalled that about a year ago they were implemented the work of construction of this square, cu I’m in a ceremony, the first stone was laid, and now it is a reality, with the attraction of shopping anchors such as law, Coppel, Woolworth, Cinepolis and many local businesses.

Opening of Plaza Sendero in Culiacan. Photo: The Debate «this is what we want the sinaloan, that there is employment and better paid, but mostly I welcome confidence in Sinaloa the bet on the State, that is the great message that we, come in Sinaloa and a land of opportunity «, an entity that not only because of its geographical location that is strategic, but by talent, the ability and the attitude of the sinaloan, which is people pitch forward», said.

In this regard, said that his Government will always be a facilitator and promoter of investment so that employers continue betting on Sinaloa, now, with the forthcoming entry of natural gas will continue coming more companies and will have a better economic dynamics.

Opening of Plaza Sendero in Culiacan. Photo: The Debate for its part, the general director of Grupo Acosta Verde, Jesús Acosta Castellanos, thanked the Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel the facilities granted for the realization of this project, as he explained that the last ten path squares that have been opened in the country, three of which have been precisely here in Sinaloa.
«We see in Sinaloa State with much growth, with much enthusiasm, but mostly with authorities who are willing to that the entrepreneur can do their job, since from the day one gave us all the facilities that this project in nine months and medium It might be a reality», he acknowledged.

At the same time, businessman Juan Manuel law Bastidas said that Plaza Sendero Culiacan will come to change the face of the capital of Sinaloa and said that him for as a businessman is satisfactory to share these achievements with the Governor of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, in whose Government is emphasizes the promotion of investment and economic development.

The businessman said that this shopping complex is a project of investment coming to significantly boost the economy of the northern sector of the city, with a remarkable point of attractiveness to focus shopping centers and entertainment.
«With square path Culiacan, Sinaloa sends an important message to across the country, that we are favourable land for investment and creation of jobs, which we continue to grow because we have faith in the future that we build on a daily basis, and for our part, Casa Ley will continue» investing in Sinaloa, betting strong to the entity that saw us grow,»it concluded.

Opening of Plaza Sendero in Culiacan. Photo: Debate this plaza covers an area of 13 hectares, located in what were the former facilities of the cattle fair, and has 206 commercial premises, and 2 thousand parking spaces.
the event was also attended by the Secretary of economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado; and the President of the Council for the development of Sinaloa (Codesin), Jose Mario string Borquez.en this note: Sinaloa trade Plaza trail opening employment

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