translated from Spanish: Continue the tributes to Aretha Franklin as he prepares his farewell

signs of affection and spontaneous tributes to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, occur in the media and in the cities of all States two since the announcement of his death Thursday in Detroit.Aretha Franklin, one of the icons of soul music that reached its greatest popularity in the decades of 1960 and 1970, died surrounded by family at his home in Detroit, its town of adoption , victim of a cancer at the age of 76. Gwendolyn Quinn, who was their spokesman and representative, and who was responsible for spreading the news of his death, announced today that the singer’s funeral will take place in Detroit on Aug. 31, but the ceremony will be limited to family and friends. Franklin will be buried in the cemetery in Woodlawn in Detroit, along with his father, the Reverend C.L. Franklin; his sister Carolyn Franklin and Erma Franklin; his brother Cecil Franklin; and his nephew Thomas Garrett.No however, as it had anticipated the environment specializes in the famous TMZ news, the mortal remains of the Queen of Soul will be exposed to the public in an open casket for two days, specifically 28 and August 29, at the Museum History African American Charles H. Wright, in the Centre of the city, a place that used to haunt the artist. In this museum already were exposed in 2005 the remains of the emblematic Rosa Parks civil rights leader, who in 1955 refused to stand up reserved bus seat to whites that had sat in the segregationist Alabama then. According to that medium, citing sources close to the family, the place was chosen because it can accommodate the thousands of people expected to be yielding tribute to Franklin, in a tribute that is organized so that it is “music, lots of music”. The family had already expressed his desire that the funeral be limited to closest people, style that always kept in life the artist to separate his professional life in private, to the point that it never confirmed pancreatic cancer carrying padec going long and ended are his life. The remains of the diva were already moved in a hearse to a funeral home near the home of the singer. At the moment, social networks have been flooded samples of respect and affection published by fellow actors such as Hugh Jackman, Martin Lawrence and profession as Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Jennifer Hudson and John Legend and Lin-Manuel Miranda.Aparte of Detroit, his followers are still placing flowers in his honor on the walk of Fame in Hollywood, that since 1979 the artist has his star. Even the American Aerospace Agency (NASA) issued a statement that expressed his sadness for the loss of the singer and recalled that the Queen of Soul has an asteroid named in his honor, the “249516 Aretha”, discovered in 2010, which “will continue orbiting Apart from Mars”. There are already plans to hold concerts in his memory, as that is organised for November at Madison Square Garden, one of the scenarios in which appeared the singer, which hopes to bring together “only Star”, and who was already preparing before his death. Also the media have turned with special and programs monographs, as well as with newspaper articles in which have given review his career since his birth in the southern Memphis in 1942 with his leap to stardom. Among them, some have remembered little-known aspects of the tough biography of the singer, and that his childhood was marked by the separation from his mother, Barbara, from his father, the Reverend C.L. Franklin.O had her first child at age 12 and the second to the 15 that he forced her to leave school and take a “life of suffering”, as described by her sister Erma in a biography of the singer titled “Respect”, as one of its successes. Sad personal aspects of a brilliant public career that Aretha always handled with the utmost discretion that always characterized it.

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