translated from Spanish: Government ruled out a confrontation with the judiciary

The Minister of Government, Cecilia Pérez, ruled out that there is a confrontation between La Moneda and the Judiciary, following the cross-declarations between President Sebastián Piñera and the Supreme Court, to which she also joined. «There is no confrontation here, here what is there is a right and a duty of the President to have a critical opinion of the ruling of some judges or ministers of the judiciary, when we believe that they do not conform to the spirit of the law,» the government spokeswoman said. He added that «we are a government that respects the judiciary, which respects the rulings, but we can have an opinion, as the court ministers themselves have often issued critical opinions to executive bills. It’s part of freedom of speech.» «Here without conflict, without drama, let us all move together towards one of the great priorities that families of our country have: as we guarantee more and better citizen security, and as we strongly address, all united, the fight against criminals,» he reiterated Secretary of State. The minister stressed that «there is no intrusion (…) on the contrary, what there should be is a compromise. It is an invitation to all powers (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) as we do better every day to address one of the biggest concerns and priorities of our country’s families.» The conflict broke out after Piñera sketched on Radio Pudahuel «I think there are some judges who are not enforcing the law, who are wrong, who fail the wrong way, who check out the victims. Those judges can’t go on like this.» In the opinion of the representative, the spokesman for the highest court in the country, Lamberto Cisternas, replied that «if he (Piñera) has the data of those who are specifically infringing, he has in his hands the constitutional power to require the Supreme Court to investigate the matter and have those judges released» then Perez issued opinions for the judges, «not doing what they have to do,» and living «surprising by statements.»

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