translated from Spanish: Trump turned down bid to buy millions more doses of Pfizer vaccine

Donald Trump’s administration this summer rejected an offer submitted by pharmaceutical company Pfizer to buy additional doses of the coronavirus vaccine it develops, as reported on Monday (07.12.2020) by the New York Times, so it may not generate enough for the U.S. until June 2021 given its commitment to other nations.
The revelation, also confirmed by the Associated Press, came a day before Donald Trump wanted to take credit for the rapid development of upcoming vaccines at a White House summit.
It is not known, however, exactly what the order would result in, which is contained in a statement and has also been confirmed by a senior White House official, and whether it eventually expanded the number of doses in existing federal contracts.
The Pfizer vaccine, one of the leading contenders for the COVID-19 vaccine, is expected to be approved by a panel of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists starting this week.
The Pfizer vaccine is one of two that are on track to obtain emergency authorization from the FDA this month, the other comes from the pharmaceutical company Moderna.

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