translated from Spanish: “My masterpiece”, “Megalodón” and more: premieres of the week that you can not miss

1.  My work maestraGuillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni star in a story of art and friendship, which carry out a completely risky plan to save the career of a renowned painter in decline.

2 Megalodonuna huge and strange creature living in the depths of the sea. To save the life of all those who are at risk, Jonas Taylor must face his fears and fight against be scariest of all time.

3. the small traviesaLiliane Susewind is a 11 year old girl that hides a great secret: has the ability to speak with animals, a virtue that will take her to live the most amazing adventure of his life.

4. the other pielAbril is in the search to give a meaning to his life. So he leaves behind what is known but you would not think is that your perception is changed, and your skin will be transformed into another skin.

Topics: premieres of the week film Lee also teachers: the Government avoided the strike and convened a new meeting by joint

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