translated from Spanish: Nostalgia for Boleros: magical night that brings together Ana Tijoux, Cecilia and curler

the protagonist of this beautiful journey will be the bolero. Immortal song of America, indelible format of Cuban origin, but owner of Latin America and the world. Melody and eternal rhythm of old and future generations. It’s the «Nostalgia of the Bolero» event, organized by Egun productions and theatre IF.
Red and black, roller and Cecilia, the Incomparable us will receive with all his talent and warmth, to make us part of an unforgettable day.
Anita Tijoux, Chilean figure that has become the artist of greater international relevance of his generation, creates red and black, project that shared songs of love and heartbreak, with the musicians Raimundo Santander, Ramiro Durán, Cristian Mancilla and Alfredo Tauber.

Curler, with his latest album «Gale» bet to new sounds, influenced by Latin American rhythms. In his most recent songs we can find Peruvian vals and cueca brava, among others.
Cecilia, the diva of the Chilean music known as «The Incomparable», received the 2016 National Music Award and this year was honored in life by the public of the Summit of the Rock and great artists who recognize in it a Chilean rock icon.

The evening, missed otherwise, will feature guests surprise and be held in the theatre IF (Av. Italy 850, Providence), on Saturday, September 1 from 20.30 hrs.
Entries have a value of $10,800 (charge included) and are available at which.

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