translated from Spanish: Collapse in Italy takes the lives of more than 43 people

Rome.-the number of fatal victims of the collapse of a vehicular bridge in the Italian city of Genoa amounted to 43, once has died one of the injured in serious condition, sources said hospi talarias.
It is Marian Rosca, a Romanian 36-year-old driver and that was one of the nine injured, three of them seriously, were still hospitalized.
Day of fire crews found between blocks of cement that is believed to be the last missing person, an Italian from Genoa.
While in the evening, a car with three other people, a couple and their 9-year-old daughter was found.
Although there is still no official confirmation from the delegation of the Government of Genoa, Civil protection data indicate that there would be more people in the rubble.
While to a German who had been given how late today got in touch with Italian authorities.

Officiated by Cardinal and Archbishop of Genoa, Ángelo Bagnasco, and with the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, today held the State funeral for all the victims.
But only attended 19 coffins since the families of the other deceased 19 who until yesterday had been identified preferred a private ceremony.
The Government has decided after the accident to revoke the concession of the road management Italian Autostrade per L’ Italy, since it was the society that had to deal with the maintenance of this viaduct.
In addition, the collapse has led to the eviction of about 11 buildings, with 632 people who have lost their homes, since they may not again be habitable.

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