translated from Spanish: Urgent real autonomy of the Superior audit: Yarabi Avila

Morelia, Michoacan.-the auditing of Michoacan (ASM) complies with the function of ensuring the constitutional principles of transparency and accountability, so that your autonomy not must keep putting off, said the Deputy Inspector of the ASM Committee Chair in the State Congress, Yarabi Avila Gonzalez.
Through a statement tricolor Deputy stressed that efforts have been made during this parliamentary term to make it an independent technical body, however, admitted that there are areas of opportunity where the will of the 40 deputies is required for move towards a real autonomy of this technical body of the State Congress.
He added that working on laying the Foundation to advance the autonomy of the ASM, and in this way it meets the purpose for which it was created; that it is accountability and seen public institutions to meet the role’s demands of a democratic society.
He trusted that the next legislature can consolidate the autonomy process so the ASM complies with the monitoring of public resources, efficient spending, as well as if the State and municipal authorities work with the goals and objectives according to the legal provisions in force.

For this to happen, said the Member of the PRI is required control of resources is an independent activity, objective, systematic and qualifying of the administrative and financial operations; of the systems and procedures implemented; the organizational structure in operation and the objectives, programs and goals reached by dependencies, de-concentrated organs and entities of the State public administration.
Avila Gonzalez finally stressed that ensuring the autonomy of the ASM will result in fairness, honesty and adherence to regulations and, consequently, quality of the services provided to citizens.

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