translated from Spanish: Apparent fault in electrical system, burns down values in Jacona, Michoacán truck

home security apparent fault in electrical system, ignite truck values in Jacona, Michoacán Jacona, Michoacan.-due apparent failure in the electrical system, a van of values was burnt in flames Wednesday morning, the sinister not deji victims to lament, but the unit in question was total loss.

It was learned that the fire was reported about 08:00 hours, on the Jacona – Los Reyes, road a few metres from the Lienzo Charro, where motorists and own custodians asked 911 support noting that the vehicle began to burn in flames.
Emergency mobilized elements of the Michoacan police, whose closed roads to avoid an accident, minutes later arrived the Municipal Civil Protection firefighters managing to extinguish the fire.

So ended the van, a Ford, with plates of the federal public service, owned by the SEPSA private security company turned into scrap.
So far it is ignored if the van at that time moved some monetary amount since that information was not disclosed by the authorities themselves who have begun investigations into what happened.

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