translated from Spanish: Juan Martín De el Potro revealed the formula to play tennis in the space

in the framework of the promotion for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the season which will start on August 27, Juan Martín De el Potro helped a group of astro nautas headed by Andrew “Drew” Feustel to play tennis in the space.

Great experience between the Argentine tennis player and the Cosmonaut was given this Tuesday, August 21 when they held a conversation by computer. Del Potro was in the Arthur Ashe Stadium – main Court of the United States open – and gave some tips to “Drew” to play their improvised game of tennis in the space.

The dialogue they shared was well casual. Del Potro dared to joke with the place where he was: “I alcanzás see from there above?”, he asked. Meanwhile, astronaut and NASA representative wanted to know things about the Tandil and his devotion to the last Grand Slam of the year. “New York is an amazing city to play tennis. There are also many Argentine fans who come to see me especially to me. “It’s my favorite tournament and I hope to win it again”, said.

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