translated from Spanish: While monarch was thrashed, fans are playing cards

while monarchs sports home was thrashed, fans are playing cards photography/Twitter Morelia-East Friday took place the beginning of the eighth day Opening 2018 of Mexican soccer with party Morelia-Queretaro, where the table queretano imposed 4 goals to one on the opposing team.
However, not took the role players, but a couple of fans who in the middle of the Party decided to put playing cards in the gallery.
The peculiar scene caught the attention of team TVAzteca which was broadcasting the match, so it did not lose the opportunity of capturing women who apparently were entertaining in his own game.
In the recording, just seconds, can be seen to the women, who wore t-shirts in the team of Morelia, remain indifferent party that attended and instead used a free seat between them to put the letters that are playing.
The scene caused grace to the gain, who made jokes about how «interesting» should have been party.

#ViernesBotanero ? ?@FuerzaMonarca 0-1 @Club_Queretaro but what, @GarciaPosti? ? will be playing to the Tarot?
? enjoy it live: – Aztec sports (@AztecaDeportes) September 1, 2018

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