translated from Spanish: Amidst the changes in the Cabinet, Marcos Peña gave low your visit to the Senate

between economic stresses and changes in the ministerial structure, the Chief of staff, Marcos Peña, suspended today his visit to the Senate planned pa RA on Wednesday to deliver a new annual report.

The cancellation of the meeting was met by the provisional President of the Senate, Federico Pinedo, in agreement with the heads of the major banks of the upper Chamber and before the “reorganization that is going on in the national executive branch”.

Special briefing had been convened by the President of the Senate, Gabriela Michetti, days before the new rise of the dollar which shook the Government through parliamentary 122/18 signed Decree.

It would be the sixth presentation of worth in the year to comply with article 101 of the Constitution which obliges the head of Cabinet to give its management report once a month, alternating in each House way. 

On the occasion of the reorganization that is taking place in the national Government, and after consulting the Chairmen of block, I have resolved postponed the briefing of the Chief of staff, @marquitospena, next Wednesday.

-Federico Pinedo (@PinedoFederico) 3 September 2018El official attended for the last time to Congress on August 1, when he appeared at the Chamber of Deputies, where also was attended by 14 March and 23 May, while in the Senate he has did 25 of April and June 27.

The Cabinet changes nation Senate

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