translated from Spanish: Angel Romero issued a statement following Marcelo Herrera’s fracture

The arrival of the Romero brought more problems than solutions for a San Lorenzo that started with a good face, but which ended up away from the fight and qualifying positions to international positions. In the middle he changed his face again with the arrival of Mariano Soso who is in his first months working with the group. However, the coach encountered a particular situation with two of the best players on campus, who have had strange management and endorsed by the management of the club and who in recent weeks have just joined the group and this afternoon Angel made headlines due to Marcelo Herrera’s injury.
Between cross-versions of a hard kick and a shock, coupled with the reaction of his teammates and anger over the situation, it was confirmed that the side fractured part of the eporoné and in the next few hours will be analyzed whether or not the 21-year-old correntino will be operated by it. After the silences of the protagonists, Angel Romero himself was in charge of breaking it with an official statement on his Twitter account, where he regrets the fact that occurred in the Sports City and in the meismo adds that throughout his career «it is the first time» that it is his turn to «live such a difficult situation with a colleague». On the other hand, it does not refer at any time and ignores the rumors and information that was circulated by supporters and journalists who follow the campaigns of San Lorenzo, which leaves room for speculation as long as Mariano Soso or Marcelo Tinelli clarify the situation that occurred.

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