translated from Spanish: Germán Garmendia will publish his first novel

the popular youtuber Germán Garmendia, the second with more subscribers in the world, will launch on October 9, her first novel, titled «Say hi», the Publisher announced. «After the success of ‘#ChupaElPerro’ (a book of tips), this youth icon launches into fiction with a moving story about loyalty, love and friendship, which no doubt leave a mark in his followers and readers in general», said Grupo Planeta in a c omunicado. Garmendia, for 28 years, is speaking with more subscribers youtuber. Besides humor channel Hi I am German, which launched in 2011 and has 34.5 million followers, has 28.7 million subscribers on its channel plays German. The world only exceeds it Swedish Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), which is 65.8 million subscribers on a single channel. According to the synopsis, the novel revolves around Oscar, a successful writer with a single published book, changing your pessimistic attitude when a young woman named Natalie crosses in his life. However, he lost it. «Knowing that her boyfriend would collapse with his absence, Natalie leave legacy several brief videos with instructions to move forward», says the summary. «The gradual fulfilment of these slogans, that seem encrypted messages, enables Oscar drive on an unknown road, the confidence and, at the same time, reveal secret stories of his life which, surely, were the root of so much rancor.» Previous Garmendia book seeks to help young people to «a better face to life», according to its own description, through advice born of his own experience. Garmendia Ancud musical band formed with his brother and did dubbing in the film «Ice Age: Collision Course».

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