translated from Spanish: Reached the final chapter: how live the end of the second season of «Marginal» cast?

Tuesday 4 September will be the last chapter of Argentine fiction that keeps alert to millions of viewers. Reaches the end of the second season of «Marginal» and this is not one minor detail.

To live the eighth chapter United, the cast will meet at Technopolis and other figures and even fans who want it may also be present. Were the dissemination of the event the same members of the fiction of Underground through social networks.

From 21 hours by public TV, you can see the preview from the mentioned cultural space, and at 22, the eighth chapter, which will define the future of Borges brothers and the supremacy of the toad Quiroga (Roly Serrano) in the prison of San Onofre.

What happen to the Borges? | Photo: Instagram @furtadonico «today the prison is our Marito…», said Nicolas Furtado Instagram official account, with a postcard and talking about the way in which his character, Dear God Borges would do it.

The gratitude of Brian Buley | Photo: Instagram @brianbuleyPor his part, Brian Buley decided to take the opportunity to thank for their passage through the fiction that revolutionized the Argentine television in the hands of Sebastian and Luis Ortega and the director, Ismael Adrián Caetano.

«Thank you for trusting me, this time in 2016, and when I was told will be Peter (and started to give that personality and attitude to my character in front of the camera) when I started recording this great series without having notion or t» Omar the dimension of how my life change from one day to another, where I got my fellow friends (…) «, wrote excited.

«Thousands of thanks for everything!» I hope it is the beginning of many projects more! «, concluded.»

The Marginal 2 finish last chapter

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