translated from Spanish: The hard claims of the defender of children: it has no budget nor to pay salaries

«not generated a specific organic support for the implementation of the institution». Clara is the defender of children, Patricia Muñoz, referring to the complex installation that has since July 1 when it took office. «Today the budget it does not have available, that means that I can not pay the people who work with me.» So simple», said to exemplify the precarious situation in which it is operating.
«Payment will be retroactive, will have to be when we have the budget,» he explained in a conversation with radio universe. He added that the statutes that enable you to adjust the organizational structure, are not yet approved. «In fact yesterday sent a mail to the Minister (Gonzalo) Blümel requesting collaboration in this matter, because I do contests of headquarters units for high public address without approval of the statutes.» I’m hoping that I will respond».
«I have limited staff, I do not buy more, there are people who have not received salary, I have to go to Congress driving me, with my car. «They are things that one really says is like a little… I really thought there was another logic when implementing an institution», said.
«There seems to me that there is an issue that members of Parliament should seem interesting to analyze or monitor, or worry about what happens to all the trades that sent them to the Prosecutor’s office (…)» respect of which in some cases have not received response», he questioned. «The truth is that I think that it is a new institution, the authorities do not know very well how to navigate in connection with it».
Cited as an example that sending two professionals of the Ombudsman to Quintero and Puchuncavi. «And what happens? That the mayor had availability to talk, but the seremi of health refused to talk to us and said that we had to ask for transparency.»
«Not even the authorities are having very clear what is the role of this institutional framework. Therefore, not being to the duty imposed by legislation to send information and realize this institutional framework», he said.
Munoz said that within situations that could verify it is the lack of a «process of emotional containment or psychological support» for the children of the area.
He said that the Ombudsman’s Office has a super clear purpose: «To be the voice of the children and adolescents who have had no voice until this date».
Response to Alvear in relation to the controversy triggered by the interview where he said that «which is about to be born is not a child» and that it was rejected by the former Minister Soledad Alvear, said that: «the Lady Alvear did not read well my interview, because at no time I spoke of something or anything like it». «I understand that there is also an interest of visibility in the generation of a new political movement and this theme seemed to him to be important to be able to re-emerge in the public sphere.»
He added that: «what is important is what I ask in the interview and in fact striking that all aspects relating to the priorities from the point of view of protection to children were unattended and will remain with that part».
«What spoke is the constitutional and legal rules governing my role and that has nothing to do with issues or ideological values, which is where you want to go in the discussion both former Senator Alvear and his political community as also some politicians that so stuvieron questions regarding my sayings», said.
Consulted of if it was summoned to Congress announced members RN, replied that «I’m still hoping, I never got the invitation».
About his sayings, said that: «what has been done is use ideological and values of my words that does not have any grip in my sayings».
«That has to do with prior, with the right that is to be born, such protection has to do with the protection of the pregnant woman and women are outside the sphere of my skills», said. «From the point of view of international law, which has been established as childhood has to do with that stage it starts from birth to 18 years».
He added that I have «null link to the political arena and not gonna be available as defender of children to be used politically.» This is a technical role.»

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