translated from Spanish: Which requirements need to receive the pension for older adults?

Mexico: the afternoon last Monday [ayer]the next Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Urzúa announced that pension for older adults will be given universally to Mexican men and having 68 or more years of age, so that citizens You now have it will not receive it until they meet that requirement once AMLO between the Government the first of December. You can also read: at this age, you will receive your pension; no longer the 65 Anosurzua explained that the programme will benefit all adults regardless of if you are poor or have the income needed to live. Before this change you might ask which are the requirements in order to receive this support from the Government; THE DEBATE informs you what you need to continue enjoying the pension for older adults.

Thematic image. Photo: Pixabay you can also read: this will be the monthly pension which will give AMLO to adult mayoresDe according to information published on the official website of the Government of the Republic, the entire via program known as 65 and more, offers pension to older adults in coverage National. 

 Requirements once between the Andrés Manuel López Obrador government functions or the applicant must meet a minimum age of 68 years. Credential to voting valid.
In case of not having this document, may: valid passport. The National Institute of the older adult persons (INAPAM) credential. Clave single population register (CURP).
In case of not having it, the Sedesol staff assist the applicant to obtain it.

Thematic image. Photo: Pixabay do not have this document it may be credited the age of the applicant with any of the documents before home mencionados.Comprobante.
Receipt of payment of electricity, water, telephone or land with less than three months old. People who live in towns with less than 10 thousand inhabitants, may submit proof or resolution issued by the municipal authority. Requesting people not born in Mexico, must prove their identity, age and permanence in the country for more than 25 years, with a copy of the official document issued by the migration authorities or naturalization letter for residence and proof of domicile. Note: The requested documentation it is necessary to submit original and copies to collate the data identified. will give when AMLO to beneficiaries?
On 14 August the DEBATE reported that Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained how much will invest the Federal Government to cover the payment of pensions to seniors in their administration of the 2018-2024″ Social programs such as that of the increase to the pension for the elderly will be implemented starting from the first of January of 2019, date in which to receive the double of what currently obtained every two months, and that will also be universal i.e., it will include elderly people, retired from the IMSS and the ISSSTE, being a total of 8 million 500 thousand benefit older adults with an investment of 120 billion pesos.» This commitment, he said, 8 million 500 thousand older adults will benefit and the program will need an investment of 120 billion pesos. The monthly pension that seniors will receive an estimated thousand to be 300 pesos a month.
In this note: Plan of Government AMLO Pension to older adults

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